K'gari is the Australian Aboriginal word for "paradise". Fraser Island in Australia (also named K'Gari) is a special place for our family and we feel that Lake Tahoe is our Paradise here in the USA. This is why we named our house K'Gari. We feel we could describe this location in no other way....

According to Aboriginal legend, when humans were created and needed a place to live, the mighty god Beeral sent his messenger Nendingie with the goddess K’gari down from heaven to create the land and mountains, rivers and sea. K’gari fell in love with the earth’s beauty and did not want to leave it. So Yendingie changed her into a heavenly island – Fraser Island.

While Fraser Island is the Aussie "paradise"  a world away, you can experience our "K'Gari" at Lake Tahoe.

Please enjoy "K'Gari", as we do.